About Us

What we do

Through the sportswear/equipment division, Newman's, we are able to supply all school and club sportswear

and equipment, swimwear, goggles and screen-printed swim caps with personalised logo.


The bringing together of schoolwear, sports uniforms, sports equipment and swimwear, dedicated to the

traditions of schools and the wishes of parent associations is unique.


How we do it

At Turramurra, we provide a friendly environment where skilled personnel attend to the personal outfitting

of clients. Off-street parking is provided via Forbes Lane at the rear of 1315.


Our mobile Newmans representatives (clearly identified) visit schools (weekly for boarders) and fully caters

to the personal needs of clothing shops ands sportsmasters, including the personal delivery of your order.

(Urgent orders within 24 hours).


Goods are sourced from various suppliers so that prices and quality can be tailored to meet your budget.

Newman's, through it's manufacturing base, provides the facility to design individual school and sports apparel

at prices structured to meet volume and specialised orders.


Through an efficient communications system orders can be processed by telephone or fax and representatives

are in constant contact.


Special days can be arranged so that the whole school can take advantage of outfitting for football, cricket or

the sport of your choice. These days are well planned in advance and 7-day accounts are provided for city parents

with 30 day accounts provided for country parents.


Why we do it

We at C & L believe that we provide the complete service and through our experience and expertise can provide

the advice and support to help your school maintain it's traditions, and for that we can be proud.


In place of a catalogue, Newman's, through it's trade connections has access to all manufacturers and is able to

provide the right product at the right price. Indicative price lists are produced when required for special outfitting

and for circulation to parents.


The future

C & L is dedicated to providing for all your requirements.

Should you wish to compare our offer, please give us the right of reply.